Step -1:

MFC is currently (24/03/2020) changing the way they serve streams, so it might not work for some models. For most models, LeakGirls is working, just follow the steps below.

Step 0:

You will need to have LeakGirls installed on your computer, if you need help setting it up please click here.

Step 1:

Navigate to MyFreeCams and open the model's stream link. Example:

Step 2:

In the LeakGirls app, click "Add Girl" paste the link you copied in the "link" box. In the "name" box you can enter whatever you want. Then select the download time or full duration if you wish.

Step 3:

Click "Download Shows", a notification will appear to tell you the download has started. You will also get another notification to alert when the download finishes.

Step 4:

Go to the "videos" folder and watch your video. If you're having trouble watching the video, please download and install VLC Media player by clicking here.