Camvault is a website that records and saves camgirl videos from several camsites.

If you're an avid fan of cam girls and their porn shows, you definitlely have heard of it, it has a premium feature that allows you to select the camgirls you want the shows recorded for you to watch later.

Now on the issues: camvault only support a few sites, in recent times they're having trouble even supporting the most popular websites like chaturbate and myfreecams. The big camsites are fighting back. Recently camvault had a downtime for a few weeks as chaturbate blocked their access.

LeakGirls solves all those issues, first because it is a program that runs on your computer, so camsites can't block it by simply blacklisting a few ip addresses like they do with camvault and similar services. When you use LeakGirls, the camsites can't tell if you're just a normal user watching their camgirls or someone recording them, unless you abuse it like recording 10+ streams at the same time. This is not true for camvault and similar services, they're hosted in a few servers so, to serve all their users, they have to record a shit ton of streams at the same time, which is easily detected by camsites.

In the future, all the big cam sites will be able to completely block services like camvault, but LeakGirls can't be blocked by any means as it works by simulating an user visiting the camsite to grab the stream. This makes LeakGirls the perfect alternative to camvault and those services.

LeakGirls is a program/application that runs entirely on your computer. It can easily download camgirl videos from all the major camsites without issues, all with the press of a button. It also comes with a very useful monitor feature, this option will track the selected cam girls and automatically record their show as soon as they start, so you can select your favorite models, hit monitor girls and leave the program running 24/7 and it will download all their videos for as long as you want to.

What you're waiting for? Try it, just hit the download button at the navbar on the top of this page and check it. We also have a discord community, so if you have any issues or suggestions, you can ask there and the dev and other users will be able to help you.