Missing your favorite cam girl shows?

No more!

LeakGirls is a computer app that can automatically record cam girls from all cam sites.

Version 3.3 released! (30/09/2020) - Changelogs


It can record several models at once and there are two options for recording: Download Shows and Monitor Girls.

Download Shows: It checks if the select models are online, if they are, it will download their streams.

Monitor Girls: Works like the download option on a loop: When models are online, it downloads their streams, when they're offline, checks their online status every 20 seconds.

The monitor version should be used to automatically record all future streams from the given models. It will stop after the first download in the trial version

How to download camgirl videos - step by step

Tutorial image 1

Step 1

Get the model's profile name, you can find that in the cam site's url like in the image.

Tutorial image 2

Step 2

Open the LeakGirls app and click on the "Add Girl" button.

Tutorial image 3

Step 3

A new window will pop up, add the profile name and select the correct cam site. Also select the video duration and video format.

Tutorial image 4

Step 4

Select the model(s) you want to record and press "Download Shows" and it will begin recording. Videos will be saved to the videos folder, but you can change this in the settings menu.