How to record camsoda streams and download camsoda videos

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What is camsoda

CamSoda, a pornography website, was started by Daron Lundeen in 2014. The video streaming platform provides for adult webcams and non-adult livestreams. CamSoda was the first to offer 360-degree virtual reality live streams. It offers products involving virtual reality touch-screen technology, interactive sex toys and products powered by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How to record camsoda streams - Video Guide

How to record camsoda videos - Step by step

How to Record CamSoda Live Streams


This guide will walk you through the process of recording CamSoda live streams easily and effectively. Whether you want to capture memorable moments or save your favorite streams for later, this article has got you covered.

Why Record CamSoda Live Streams?

Recording CamSoda live streams can be beneficial for several reasons. It allows you to relive your favorite moments, share clips with friends, or simply build a personal archive. Recording streams can also help if the stream is removed or if you encounter technical issues during live viewing.

Methods to Record CamSoda Live Streams

1. Using Screen Recording Software

One of the most straightforward ways to record CamSoda live streams is by using screen recording software. There are several options available for both Windows and Mac systems.

2. Top Screen Recording Tools

  • OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software): Free, open-source software that offers robust recording and streaming capabilities. Download OBS Studio.
  • Camtasia: A user-friendly tool that is great for both beginners and advanced users. Download Camtasia.
  • Bandicam: Lightweight screen recorder that provides excellent video quality. Download Bandicam.

3. Step-by-Step Guide to Using OBS Studio

Here’s how you can use OBS Studio to record CamSoda live streams:

  1. Download and Install OBS Studio: Visit the official OBS Studio website, download the software, and follow the installation instructions.
  2. Set Up OBS Studio: Open OBS Studio and go to “Settings” to configure your video, audio, and output settings. Specify the location where you want to save your recordings.
  3. Create a New Scene: In the main interface, click on the “+” button under the “Scenes” box to create a new scene. Name it something relevant, like “CamSoda Streams”.
  4. Add a Display Capture Source: Click the “+” button under the “Sources” box and select “Display Capture”. This will capture everything displayed on your screen.
  5. Start Recording: Go to CamSoda and choose the live stream you want to record. Then, click the “Start Recording” button in OBS Studio. Everything displayed on your screen will now be recorded.
  6. Stop Recording: Once you’re done, click “Stop Recording”. Your video will be saved in the previously chosen location.

Legal Considerations

Before recording any live streams, make sure you fully understand and respect the terms of service of CamSoda. Unauthorized recording and distribution of live streams may violate copyright laws and the platform’s policies. Always obtain necessary permissions if required.


Recording CamSoda live streams is relatively simple with the right tools and knowledge. Follow the instructions in this guide to capture and save your desired content effortlessly. Happy recording!


Is it legal to record CamSoda live streams?

Always check CamSoda’s terms of service and obtain necessary permissions before recording. Unauthorized recording may violate platform policies and copyright laws.

What is the best software for recording live streams?

OBS Studio, Camtasia, and Bandicam are some of the top options for recording live streams. Each offers unique features suited for different needs and preferences.

Can I record CamSoda live streams on mobile devices?

Yes, several screen recording apps are available for both Android and iOS devices. Apps like AZ Screen Recorder and DU Recorder are popular choices.

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