What are the limitations of the free version?

The free version has all the features of the full version, with the only limitation being video download duration that is capped to 1 minute.

What devices/Operating systems does this run on?

It works for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Will there be app versions for phones (Android/IOS)?

Probably not.

Camsite X is not supported, can you add support for it?

Sure, contact me here and the program will be updated to support the site.

Can I get banned from camsites for using this?

Unless you abuse the camsite by downloading a ton of streams at once, nope. If you're using a residential IP, your chances of being banned are basically 0 even if you abuse it.

How many streams can I download at once?

It depends on which resolution you choose and on your internet speed. With a 150mbps internet speed you can record a few dozen on 720p (HD) resolution.